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Colorado Trail PicturesThe Colorado Trail is one of the premier long-distance trail hikes in North America.  It runs 486 miles through the mountains of Colorado from Denver to Durango

The elevation of the trail ranges from 5,520 feet near Denver to 13,334 feet in the San Juan Mountains.  Hiking the entire trail involves 76,000 feet of elevation gain. 

The trail crosses six wilderness areas, seven National Forests, and eight mountain ranges.



Colorado Trail Presentations

Colorado Trail Pictures

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Inside the Colorado Trail Journal

Colorado Trail Journal is a personal account of a through hike in June and July 2009.  It conveys the feeling, the sights, and the sounds of hiking the Colorado Trail.  An overview map shows the entire trail and detailed maps show each day’s hike.  Sixty-eight color photographs illustrate the scenery along the trail.


Colorado Trail Pictures

What the Book Contains

  • Well-written descriptions of each day's hike
  • Photos and descriptions of each section
  • Overview and detailed maps for each section of the hike
  • Tips on every aspect of trip from logistics to packing


Check out the Excerpt from the book and the Sample Section Map:


What hikers have said about the Journal

"Alan Carpenter has captured the essence of long-distance hiking on the Colorado Trail. His storytelling uses the daily rhythms of getting out and moving along, traversing the passes and the miles, greeting the various characters along the trail, and the incessant search for a good camping spot and the next source of water. Be warned: this book will make you want to lace up your shoes and go." – W. M., Experienced hiker

"Whether you are planning to hike the entire 500 miles of the Colorado Trail in a month as a through-hiker, or just sections of it at a moderate pace, this journal will improve your trip planning and prepare you better for the hike.  Read it carefully; there is much useful information in Alan’s description of his hike." – A. Rohr, who has hiked for over 30 years all over southwestern Colorado.

"The high level of detail and the comprehensive nature of the journal ensure that all readers will find elements that relate to their areas of interest.  The nuts-and-bolts issues of hiking the trail are addressed with detailed Q and A, gear list, maps, and recommended reading list which should give any prospective Colorado Trail hiker the information needed to plan the trip.  The excellent photographs sprinkled throughout the journal nicely illustrate the descriptions in the text.” – G. B., Colorado Trail through hiker

"Congratulations on your accomplishment, both the trek and the journal. I recommend the read for trail aficionados. Very cool." – K. H., Pennsylvania weekend warrior


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